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Integrated Science Program

Since its inception in 2008, Lifelong Education Institute® has prepared thousands of adults in lower division, undergraduate courses for entrance into higher education programs in the biological and health sciences through its “Integrated Science Program®”.
The Integrated Science Program (ISP) is an accelerated college-level science curriculum enabling students to finish their science classes and prerequisites in an intensive, weekend-based, immersion-learning format.

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Biomedical Research Experience Program

Biomedical Research Experience Program (BREP) is a month-long educational program designed to engage student participants in laboratory-based biomedical research projects with the mentorship and supervision of a peer-reviewed, published scientist. BREP provides hands-on experience in the generation and presentation of biomedical discovery. Throughout the program students will learn how to write a laboratory report that will follow the general structure of a publishable scientific paper.

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Sustainable Building Advisor Program

The Sustainable Building Advisor Program is a four month certification course focused on the practical, forward-thinking ways to design, construct and manage buildings that are resource efficient, environmentally responsible, cost effective, and healthy for all occupants. The SBA Program is approved for 100 continuing education credits through the American Institute of Architecture (AIA) and is approved as a Mastery Level Education Provider Program with the U.S. Green Building Council.

Integrated Science Program
Sustainable Building Advisor Program
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