Educational Principles

We believe:

  • Education is a lifelong process of intrinsic learning and a natural human pursuit.
  • Education should enable us to become the best human beings we can be.
  • Learning takes place throughout one’s lifetime – we learn from the moment of conception to the moment of death.
  • Learning is a participatory process in which the learner takes charge and actively constructs new knowledge for him or herself, as opposed to receiving it passively.
  • Meaningful learning is the most critical element for a successful adult education to the extent it recognizes the learners’ prior experiences and presents new knowledge, understanding, skills, values, and attitudes in the context of application to real-life situations.
  • Intrinsic motivation and self-directedness are key attributes that should be taken into consideration when teaching adults and should be translated into classroom strategies that stimulate autonomous learning as much as possible.
  • The focus of any educational endeavor should be on learning outcomes rather than in teaching objectives.


The mission of Lifelong Education Institute is to create opportunities for nontraditional learners to access and succeed in post-secondary education so that they may improve their professional skills with the goal of enhancing their day-to-day life and their intellectual acumen, while increasing their standard of living.


To be recognized as a provider of academically rigorous, post-secondary education programs that are proven as effective alternatives for nontraditional learners’ access, persistence, and success in their academic and professional aspirations.